Purchasing your merchandise from police auctions helps to benefit more than just your local police office. The reason that they hold police auctions is to sell off all the goods that were confiscated from drug busts and raids. These items can range from fine jewelry, automobiles, stereo equipment, homes and designer clothing. When these items are sold at police auctions they money helps to benefit more than just your local officers.

The money raised from the police auctions goes in part to fund those special units that are created to combat drugs and other illegal activities, but that is not the only place the money from those police auctions goes. The funds raised also go to support special projects like the D.A.R.E programs. The money from the police auctions helps to spread the word to local schools and helps to keep officers on the front lines promoting these projects. The money raised from the police auctions pays for fuel for the D.A.R.E. vehicles, insurance, and maintenance.


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Other money raised from police auctions helps to keep the P.A.L running as well. This organization requires funds to properly run, and police auctions provide a source of income that does not have to come out of the taxpayers’ pockets. The money raised from police auctions is often for items that drug dealers have either purchased or stolen, and is now the property of the police department. Rather than letting those items accumulate in a storage unit, they hold monthly police auctions to clean out the inventory and raise funding to support additional programs that benefit the local residents.

The auctions are usually help once a month and the items at the police auctions are sold with no warranties in as is condition. The police auctions usually sell the items at a much lower price than you would ever expect to see it anywhere else, and that huge discount in price means buyer beware. The police auctions are a great place to pick up vehicles that usually are in excellent condition, and jewelry tends to be of the highest quality. The drug dealers love to flaunt their money, and always buy the best possible items when they can. The police auctions are an opportunity for you to get some incredible items at prices a fraction what you would pay in a retail situation.


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The auctions are determined by who has the most money at the end of each auction. Bidding stops at the highest bidder, and the police auctions must sell everything before they close. That means if no one else is bidding on an item at these police auctions, you might walk away with something for a single bid. That is the allure of the police auctions, finding top quality merchandise with the chance to go home only spending a few dollars.

The biggest benefit to the auction sis that they fund programs that help to provide a safer community for everyone. The monies fund programs that often get cut from the budget when funding is tight, and in those cases everyone loses. The auctions provide an opportunity for money to be raised at the expense of the people who the programs are many times created to fight against.


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